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It's not always easy to determine if programs that aspire to help others are having the desired, lasting impact. Collecting the necessary information can also be confusing and resource-intensive. Our services and tools take the complexity out of outcome management ensuring not only mission fulfillment, but also the personal fulfillment of your team and supporters.

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Our Services

Impact Program Development

Advanced Services

Metric Platforms

Dashboard platforms connected to your existing systems for real-time performance assessment.

Program Analysis

Applying data analysis to know when to pivot or persevere with your programs.

Success Assurance

Outcome management requires a cultural change. We support with KPI progress reports and follow-up.

Mission Clarity

Having clear definition on what problem you are trying to solve, your role in the solution, and how you will measure your progress is critical to reaching your goals. We work with your leadership to focus the whole organization on managing to outcomes.

Mission Modeling

There are a lot of elements to create lasting, positive change. Using proven tools, like Theory of Change, we identify key partners, resources, and processes that your organization will use to drive your mission forward.

Feedback Systems

Gathering information

is typically the most tricky and burdensome part of understanding your impact. We develop a custom, easy-to-use program of indicators and capture methods that keep you on the right path to mission success.

All great outcomes come from a solid foundation. We work with your team to assess three core areas and create a unique Impact Program that will keep your organization on the path to success.

“If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.”

Peter Drucker
Management Consultant & Author

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Impactaas offers outcome management consulting for nonprofit organizations working in the human services sector.

The frameworks and tools offered on this site have been designed to ensure long-term, positive outcomes for any community that deploys them.

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